Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Insider Louisville Profiles Happy Feet Shark Tank Appearance

Louisville entrepreneur lands on ‘Shark Tank’ reality show with Snooki’s help

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Creative Gift Guide for the New Mom

After a close friend or family member gives birth, people tend to run out and shower the new baby with gifts.  But what about the new mom who carried the peanut in her belly for 40 weeks and then went through at least ten to twenty hours of labor to bring the child into the world?  Everyone is quick to forget about the new mom and all the hard work she will be doing over the couple of decades.  Below are some great gift ideas to bring to your friend or relative who recently became a mom.

Snooki Slippers – Slipper are a great gift for a new mom because she will most likely live in them for the first six to eight weeks of the new baby’s life.  Anyone who has had a child knows that the first few weeks are the roughest and you quickly lose track of what time of day it is.  You’re also likely to never change out of your pajamas because you’re trying to squeeze in a nap any chance you get.  If you pick a style from Snooki’s line you’re also guaranteeing that the new mommy will be looking stylish even if she is in sweatpants and a spit-up stained t-shirt.

Restaurant Gift Cards – Many people bring casseroles and other foods to the home of a new baby.  Although this is a sweet gesture it’s sometimes hard to select a meal that everyone in the house will like.  Restaurant gift cards make the perfect gift because you’re giving the new mom (and new dad) a night off from cooking a meal.  You’re also giving them the gift of choosing whatever they like from the menu.  Be sure to choose a restaurant that has take-out as an option.

Manicure / Pedicure Gift Certificate – Any new mom would love the opportunity to get out of the house for a bit to pamper herself.  Her tired feet and hands are likely dying for a rub down and beautification.  

Personalized Necklace – Many stores are now offering unique personalized necklaces.  Choose a gift that the new mother will cherish forever by purchasing a necklace with her new baby’s name engraved on it.  There are many styles available so you will be able to find the perfect one for your friend.

Being a mom is an important job and it’s up to friends and relatives to tell the new mom that she’s doing a great job.  Give her the gift of Snooki slippers, a free dinner, pampering afternoon, or jewelry so she knows that she’s being thought of during this crazy time in her life.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Creative Gift Givers

If you’ve been with your significant other for any considerable amount of time, you’re probably at a loss for a Valentine’s Day gift this year.  You've most likely have done it all:  flowers, candy, jewelry, spa gift certificate… sure, these gifts were all appreciated but certainly you’re looking for something different and unique.  Check out the below gift ideas that are likely to impress your Valentine.'

  • Animal Feet Slippers – If you’re like most couples you and your beloved have pet names for each other.  Why not buy them an adorable pair of slippers of the animal pet name you have for them?  There are many different animals available for purchase:  monkeys, kitty cats, bunnies, puppies, and even armadillos!  Animal feet slippers are a practical gift that will leave your Valentine smiling every time they look down at their feet.
  • Cleaning Person – It can’t be possible that there’s anyone on this planet that wouldn’t enjoy having a cleaning person come in and do his or her dirty work.  Why not give your Valentine the real gift of relaxation by treating them to some time off from their house duties.  This gift is great for all budgets because you can make the gift a one-time deal or you can make it a weekly or monthly gift if you have a larger budget. 
  • SkydivingLooking for a way to show your Valentine that you’re still falling for them after all these years?  Treat you and your sweetheart to the unique experience of freefalling from an airplane.  The opportunity to skydive will be a gift that you two will never forget and will cherish forever.  Please note that this gift is not for the faint at heart and you may find yourself sleeping on the couch if your Valentine isn’t a daredevil.
  • Personal Chef – If you have a larger budget for this year’s gift consider treating yourselves to a delicious, privately cooked meal in your own home.  Make the gift super special by saving the treat for a workday when cooking a meal is the furthest thing from your minds.  It will be a delectable treat to come home to a fully prepared meal.  You two will then be able to spend the evening talking, laughing, and relaxing instead of cooking and cleaning up after yourselves.

Don’t throw in the towel this Valentine’s Day and give an ordinary gift.  Your significant other deserves the gift of animal feet slipper, a cleaning person, skydiving lessons, or a personal chef. 


Friday, January 17, 2014

Snooki Slippers: An Excellent Gift Choice

Image credit: www.newyorkgirlstyle.com There is no denying the popularity of the hit television series the Jersey Shore, which features a few very charismatic characters, such as Pauly D, The Situation, JWoww, and Snooki. Nicole Polizzi, who is better known as Snooki on the Jersey Shore show, has a few signature style choices which are highly praised. Many people know Snooki for her big hair and her glamorous wardrobe choices. However, a Snooki slipper or two can leave any fan of the Jersey Shore feeling like a true celebrity—or, at least, can show off their own true fandom. Signature Snooki slipper styles can truly leave any fan of the show a happy camper. Snooki has some wonderful fashion sense when it comes to slippers; fans can enjoy an array of wild patterns and styles. Take fun patterns such as leopard print and zebra print, for example. Another exciting choice would be the slippers which look like actual sneaker wedges, which are currently very popular in the world of footwear. You can even choose to mix colors, such as pink and white or even brown and wine. Another favorite choice is camouflage. With the wintertime still here, there is no excuse to not wear slippers, especially by a nice hot fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Snooki slippers are comfortable, cozy, and extremely warm. In case you have missed out on a gift for someone special during the holidays, Snooki slippers are a great choice. There is something to appeal to every girl, whether it is a color combination, pattern, or footwear style. In addition to belated holiday gifts, Snooki slippers are also great as birthday presents. Do you have a family member whose birthday is in January or February? A pair of Snooki slippers is a great gift choice. Let someone you love show their true enthusiasm for the show or for Snooki’s famous personality. also great as birthday presents. Do you have a family member whose birthday is in January or February? A pair of Snooki slippers is a great gift choice. Let someone you love show their true enthusiasm for the show or for Snooki’s famous personality.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Animal Slippers: An Excellent Gift Choice for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner and coming up with gift options can be a bit of a hassle. However, if you are looking for a few ideas to treat your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife this year, this guide can help you out.  

Nothing can sacrifice the feeling of comfort. When many of us have stressful days, we turn to relaxation techniques to soothe our woes. For some of us, this means staying indoors and wearing our pajamas and slippers by a nice warm fireplace. If there is a special woman in your life who doesn’t own a pair of slippers, then why not buy her a pair? Animal slippers for women are an excellent gift option no matter what time of the year it is. 

There are a variety of animal slippers for women out there. Whether the special lady in your life adores penguins, cats, or Dalmatians, animal slippers are an excellent and affordable choice. This makes purchasing slippers easy, since all you have to do is know her foot size and her favorite animal. However, pinning down her favorite animal might be difficult since there are so many animal slippers to choose from. 

In addition to a pair of animal slippers, why not take her out to a bed and breakfast for Valentine’s Day? If your girlfriend or wife is feeling a little stressed out, taking her somewhere special such as a bed and breakfast or a nice hotel is always a great Valentine’s Day gesture. 

Of course, don’t forget the card! Your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife will be waiting for a nice heartfelt card which accurately describes how you feel about the relationship.
For Valentine’s Day this year, give your significant other the gift of comfort. Animal slippers are sure to bring a smile to her face.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

4 Reasons Slippers are the Ultimate Gift

Ah; the slipper.  It warms our hearts as much as it warms the soles of our feet.  Winter in most North American climates offers fairly inclement weather, which leaves the average human chilled to the bone at times.  One of the most uncomfortable scenarios that most people can agree on is the 100 yard dash from the bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the frigid night.  Without a nice pair of slippers to warm your feet, good luck making it!  

If you really care about your friends and family, get them a pair of slippers for the Holiday season! If you need further proof that they are a great purchase, check out some (obvious) reasons below.

-       The Recipient's Warm Feet Will Thank You

Cold, chilly, frozen – it's what happens in the winter.  Suffering from cold is far worse than sweating it out in the summer and our bodies need more help in retaining heat.  If you want to plaster a smile over your friend's frozen face, thaw them out with a pair of fuzzy slippers!

-       Slippers Are Stylish Too

The traditional view of slippers tends to bring to mind images of an old man shuffling around in his bathrobe.  On the contrary, modern fuzzy slippers can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles.  Snooki even offers a line of stylish slippers; unique and trendy, there is a pair for every man, woman and child.

-       Affordable Warmth!

A present that doesn't require a down payment or a new battery every five weeks?  Impossible; but yes, slippers are very affordable which makes them ideal for any holiday gift.  They are practical, fun and impervious to the cold.

-       They Can Be Romantic

Tired of snuggling in bed with your significant other and experiencing the full fury of winter's wrath when you touch their feet?   Warm up your feelings for each other by presenting them with this relationship-saving gift. 

Slippers are sturdy, warm and practical.  Show your loved ones how much you care by giving them the gift of warm feet this holiday season!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shopping for the Animal Lover this Holiday Season

Do you have an animal lover in the family? Maybe your sister is an animal’s rights activist who follows the rules and regulations of PETA without any questions whatsoever. Or maybe you have a friend who thinks penguins are absolutely adorable. No matter what, animal apparel for any occasion is always an excellent gift option.

Speaking of gifts, Christmas is right around the corner. November is not only a great month for Thanksgiving, but it is also a wonderful time for early gift shopping. There is nothing quite as stressful as shopping for presents at the very last minute, which can happen more frequently than we would like during the holiday season.

When it comes to purchasing gifts for the animal lover in your family, you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt of their favorite animal. Animal t-shirts are wonderful for a variety of occasions—it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re going out to lunch with your family or you are simply staying in to watch your favorite show.

Another great gift option is cute animal slippers. They are a true way to show someone how much you care this year for the holidays. It’s a very nice gesture, full of thought and consideration. Of course, it’s a good idea to know who the person’s favorite animal is first.

Cute animal slippers are an excellent choice for the holidays this year. There really is nothing quite like keeping your feet warm during the colder months. There are a ton of animal slipper and shirt options to choose from, such as the following:

  •     Giraffe
  •     Monkey
  •     Tiger
  •     Turtle
  •     Kangaroo
  •     And much more!

During this holiday season, keep your loved ones satisfied with a pair of cute animal slippers. They will adore the kindness and the warmth of those fuzzy slippers.